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Thread: R/C - Remote Control Stuff

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    R/C - Remote Control Stuff

    Hey guys, thought I would start a new thread in "Things that Go" for all things R/C..

    Got this awesome little rock crawler (1/24 scale), for tackling challenges over anything while in the dreaded couch lock state - hours of entertainment.. Great fun, especially changing "on the fly" the 4 steering modes to fine tune your approach to tackle those difficult obstacles.. Small enough to climb over the obstacles on the coffee table (with all the crap my kids leave on it) or climbing up the partner and across the back of the couch with they "try" to read a book. Anyway, check out some youtube vids of the "Basher Rocksta" - not my vid, just an example of what this little beast does...

    Heres a where you get them from..

    Don't look too hard on the website, if your not familiar with Hobbyking, you could end up spending lots....

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    Next toy has got to be one of these badboys...

    Check out the little jet boats this guys makes and sells.... - check out about the 2:30 section... friggen nuts!!!

    Checkout the other 3 vids on the right, 3 one is crazy!!! Faaarrrkkk these things are fast!!!!
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