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Thread: SILVER - Party Powder - NOW AVAILABLE!

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    Wink SILVER - Party Powder - NOW AVAILABLE!

    If you haven't seen our previous posts, go check them out. We are a all new Aussie supplier of legal highs!

    We have developed a very exciting party powder which we call SILVER! It's strong, effective, long lasting, legal and safe!

    If you would like to know a little bit more, feel free to head over to our product page and have a read for yourself.

    Stay Safe our There!

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    Very interesting mate, and warm welcome to the forum. I and my fellow good members will be sampling and providing excellent honest reviews for you. I'll be emailing you shortly. Thanks

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    Definitely very interesting. Review incoming if things work out.

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    hope its a goodie

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    Website down already?

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    Quote Originally Posted by choom View Post
    Website down already?
    A now banned forum member went on a crusade last week, ( or off their meds), and reported them to the police and their internet host. Their site was taken down as a result. You should still be able to PM them through the forum.

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    Thanks Nelson.... just having a look now at KrystalLabs posts and can see the shitshow

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    PMs not getting a response AND site down? Poo. Was keen to try a new Aussie powder... Been so long

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    Yes, we are awaiting for the respond/reply from the vendor, otherwise it is a no-go and just another no-show.

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    Back in a week guys... Dealing with fallout from that maggot! Our deepest apologies!

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