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Thread: 1p-LSD report

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    1p-LSD report

    So decided to do a real time report on 1p-LSD. Will try and update every 30 mins.
    Very experienced psychedelic user here, no need to write a list of stuff I've tried in the past.
    +0. Sublingually dosing 200ug 1p-LSD. Had two beers and feeling in good spirits.
    +30.feeling a little light headed, light tingling in arms and legs, feeling pretty warm, everything looks a bit brighter.
    +45. Kicking in pretty strongly, I notice slight movement on the carpet, tracers on the walls, headspace very clear, still notice the tingling in my arms and legs, finding it hard to not ramble on, can't seem to get this grin off my face, everything just seems a bit funny.
    1:00 feeling reasonably high now, noticing a strobing effect. Feeling quite relaxed for a psychedelic, no way close to sleeping but pretty damm chilled out.
    1:30 pretty much the same for now, visual field is warping pretty strong, seeing strong patterning on the walls
    2:30 kinda got lost in the cev's for a while, very intricate and colourful. Pretty clear headed high, not much else to say for now
    4:00 kinda guessing the time now, effects slowly winding down, feel no harsh comedown just slowly coming back to reality.

    To sum it up 200ug was a pretty strong trip, 100ug would be sufficient for less experienced people. It was a very easy going experience, very clean with little 'mind fuck'. I was up for a good 8 hours after the trip had warn off, so a decent amount of residual stimulation, which kinda got annoying as as was mentally worn out.
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    Awesome report Drasta, intricate is a good description there. I'm looking forward to test these again and provide a great report such as yours.
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    Thanks for the report Rasta!

    I too gave this a try a few months ago and really enjoyed it.

    Unfortunately it's a direct analogue of LSD-25 some reports it's even a pro-drug to LSD. This makes it completely illegal in Australia not even close to the grey area we like!

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