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Thread: E-cig beginners guide.

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    Lightbulb E-cig beginners guide.

    Dr_rastashroom has been considering purchasing an e-cig device for e and c-liquids. I've been sifting through a lot of info on the Internet and found a very comprehensive guide for beginners so I thought I would share the link.

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    Excellent choice DRasta! We are on the same boat here, still a lot of learning to be done!, and currently waiting for my overseas deliveries to arrive! There are also plenty of great information and guide on youtube as well.

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    Did you end getting your new vape Jelly?

    How does it go?

    Have you had a chance to try some Kronic Juice in it yet?

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    Still waiting for slow singapore post to come in, haha. Everything is ready except for the devices. I didn't end up getting some kronic Juice, wasn't really on my priority list to be honest. Perhaps in the future.

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