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Thread: Sony EXB-41-EX

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    Sony EXB-41-EX

    Hiya guys ,

    out of all the "in-ear" head phones i've tried on the market the SONY -EXB-41-EX are by far the best!

    Super clarity crisp audio , with tight punchy bottom end bass , these little gems deliver that sort high -end professional sound could expect to find in high end sound studio's

    And their loud too - keep cranking these puppies -up and bass and high end frequencies remain firm & crisp with out so much of a hint of distortion even @ ridiculous volumes when my ears began too bleed!LOL

    If i had to buy only one pair of in -ear head phones it would most definately be the SONY EXB-41-EX Phones - there are hard act to follow!!

    Recommended - 10/10
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