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Thread: Best Herbals Review

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    Best Herbals Review

    Cheers mate! Good to see you guys are still around haha. I was honestly shocked by these. Duration was my biggest flop for most and this satisfies so I don't feel like I'm always chasing.

    You guys were kind enough to offer a sample of Pegasus and the wolf rage. Tbh I didn't really have enough of it to review heavily but I'll quickly chuck my thoughts down and probably do a proper thread review if I try more.

    The Pegasus was nice. Very smooth but just lacked the duration and since I was used to hypernova it lacked punch . But otherwise it wouldn't at all haha.

    Wolf rage - very similar to real stuff. Not as much of a mind fk as hypernova.. But I love that haha.

    So hypernova still my favorite but damn man good job these are excellent. If there's any you want me to try I'm keen to review haha. Or pm/email if there's any not listed on the website I've missed!

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