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Thread: Methspresso

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    Came across this and thought it might entertain some members!

    It's from various sources so I just copied and pasted.

    At first the UK Government tried banning individual drugs but could not keep pace in a market where scientists like Dr Zee were able to alter the molecular structure slightly and produce a different drug which had the same effect as the one outlawed.
    Instead a law - the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 - is being introduced tomorrow to ban all drugs not already caught by existing legislation.
    However Dr Zee told the BBC he as been working for several months on a way around the ban.
    He said: "I have an idea which could mean the head shops can stay open, hope springs eternal.
    "I have made an item which is not psychoactive which means it can be imported and sold then reverse-converted into a new psychoactive substance, at home.
    "I've actually tested this stuff on myself quite few times, it is legal because it is not psychoactive.
    "It becomes psychoactive by heating it up in hydrochloric acid for six hours."
    He said the resulting liquid can then easily be cosmetically changed into powder using the components found in a coffee machine.
    He said: "All you have to do is go to head shop buy your capsules, load them up into the machine.
    "Instead of a cappuccino coming out what I get is a gram of powdered psychoactive substance which is allowed for posession.
    "I put it in a little baggy, go to a club and have a great time, and get on with your life.
    "When it's ready it might be the 'Methspresso machine' and could be a new begining."

    Would be pretty nifty hey lol

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    LMAO Odour Boy !! A Methspresso to start the morning!!
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    Lol and high all

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    Brilliant....if it works!
    Love the idea, but everyone would be asking me why I have this cheapo capsule coffee machine next to my gargantuan fully auto morning hit!

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