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Thread: Flephedrone aka 4-fmc

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    Flephedrone aka 4-fmc

    I was lucky enough to try this over the weekend.

    I'm very experieced with stims and MDMA and similar rcs. Although never had mephedrone aka 4-MMC.

    I received 500mg and tested with an allergy test the first night. (1mg followed by 10mg)
    Next night I got to play properly. I was advised by my friend to start with 100mg to 150mg. Then add 50- 100 from there. I was also advised the sting via insufflation was incredibly bad.

    Instead I opted for 70mg but done over about 6 lines. This helped reduce the sting. I found it intense but not as bad as pure meth or even 2ce or like.

    Wow, it started out very similar to pentedrone (does anyone else know how lovely this was? 20mg to start sent you to the highest peaks of euphoria,, then you simply redose as needed, all with less compulsion than PV) but was a bit milder.
    It then settled into very light but pleasant stimulation.

    About an 45 in I moved up with another 100mg. Again a lift and again it settles to basic stim. I repeated this through the night until I had consumed the full amount. But note, this wasn't as compulsive or pushy as PV, it was more about the appropriate time window to play.

    A very enjoyable chem, albeit light but still rewarding.

    I thought I'd post this as there isn't a great deal of info and the main thread on BL has lots of confusion with 3-FMC and general chatter.

    The effects of 4-FMC are often compared with cocaine, stims and MDMA (exstacy) and I can now see why. As mentioned I'm comfortable with these drugs and found it hard to understand why the differing reports confuse them. But in summary I think 4-FMC is a light version of 4-MMC and it's effects are definitely similar to indeed cocaine and MDMA albeit light.

    I am sad I missed the mpehedrone epidemic but lucky to taste flephedrone instead.

    Hope this info helps someone.

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    Well written, pleasure to read!

    I'm glad you tried flephedrone too

    Sorry to rez, I haven't been here, I probably don't even know any current active members shit! haha

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