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Thread: Intense incense gold reloaded

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    Intense incense gold reloaded

    Product name: intense incense gold reloaded
    -Initial preparation / state of mind / setting: on a stim binge, in good health
    -Product visual description (photo / description): nice flake base herb, not much dust/crumbs
    -Tolerance: medium
    -Dosage: 1/3 cone
    -ROA (how did you take it?): joint with a filter

    Effects Timeline:

    -T+30 seconds = hits quick, heady synth high
    -T+5 minutes = still kicking in, pretty strong high
    -T+10 minutes = still feeling high as
    -T+25 = starting to wear off
    -Effects began to wane noticeably at = 30mins

    Summary of Effects: synth high, quite enjoyable but, hits quick and creeps to a strong high at 5mins

    -Total duration: 35mins
    -Comparable to: northern lights
    -Peripheral / sensory effects:
    -Euphoria: little, or none / moderate / powerful: powerful
    -Hypnotic effects: little, or none / moderate / powerful: powerful
    -Trippiness factor: little, or none / moderate / powerful:little
    -Anxiety / dread: little, or none / moderate / powerful:little

    -Potency: 8/10

    -Star Rating :4/5
    -Would you use it again (y/n): yes

    -Overall: reminded me of old synth, hits hard, but has a decent duration, felt quite clean for a synth high, not like I just poisoned my brain(if that makes sense), good quality base herb.
    Top notch customer service from the intense incense crew too. Free postage is a big plus as well.

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    awesome review ras

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