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Thread: X-Box One

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    X-Box One

    I got the X-box one...... Online gaming?? Whats that??? FUCK YOU MICROSOFT AND YOUR STUPID X-BOX LIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS!!!!

    Like I didn't fork out enough f'n coin to get your f'n console!!!!! (shhhhhhh....... don't let them know I got one secondhand)

    just slightly disgruntled...

    I suppose I could setup a Go Fund Me page...?.....
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    The worst part is getting baked then turning your machine on to find that you have to download a two hour update before you can play.

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    hear you loud and clear Nelson.....Aaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhh......


    and people wonder why I pirate their software.... Thats one for the WIldman!!.... Stickin it to the big guys!!!!

    oh hang on, Windows 10 was free....

    Ahhhh, but not your previous OS's....TAKE THAT YOU BASTARDS!!! (note: all in uppercase to emphasize things!!!!)

    felling pretty smug now :-)
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