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  1. Alex Jones is a fake. He is one of them... DOG
  2. Drug squad seize synthetic cannabis worth more than $227,000 in raids across QLD
  3. Qld shops raided for synthetic drugs
  4. Australia named 'major money launderer' in US government report
  5. Controversial anti-drugs group opposes medical marijuana plan
  6. Fatal attraction to synthetic cannabis is an unnatural high
  7. Tism unmasked
  8. My hero ;) lol
  9. Ice users are doing my head in................. I DO LOVE HER SO
  10. Leeroy is getting smashed today
  11. The 23rd of September has come and past !
  12. China bans 116 popular RC's effective immediately.
  13. Police issue synthetic cannabis warning as teen dies, two more critically ill
  14. News today -Synthetic kills teen
  15. Why the 'heroin antidote' naloxone is now available in pharmacies
  16. George Bush's company and population forecasts for 2025
  17. Queensland drug labs producing dangerous and unpredictable synthetic cannabis, police
  18. Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - Attack On 1st Amendment & Trump Rally
  19. News: Synthetic cannabis being sold at Melbourne shopping centre
  20. Australia Legal Highs Forum
  21. Stay out of the mainstream !
  22. Its not like the old days
  23. All synthetic drugs to be outlawed in Victoria
  24. Victoria outlaws synthetic drugs from November 1st
  25. Best Herbals Review