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Thread: DVD Recorder: DMR-HW220

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    DVD Recorder: DMR-HW220

    DVD Recorder: DMR-HW220 ,

    when it comes to finding a good DVD Recorder there a dime a dozen with hundreds of models and brands, making an informed choice and spending you're hard earned dollar can be somewhat daunting and a little confusing as for the right model to go for you're needs and applications..LOL

    In the end we went for the Panasonic DVD Recorder Model DMR-HW220 , a great little playback & recorder that wont burn a hole in you're back pocket the size of a small Island!!LOL

    It will couple -up nicely with our new Panasonic Viera 6O inch Flatscreen LCD TV no doubt!LOL

    Key Features on this model include :

    1 terabyte HDD, with external HDD compatibilityTwin tuner, plus pause/rewind live TVDLNA, multimedia options and built-in Wi-Fi

    Im yet to connect the unit @ home but from what i've seen in the store the picture was fantastically detailed and sharp with vivid colours but i'm yet to score it out of 10!

    Available @ you're local Harvey Norman store : this model will run you in just under $400 bucks!

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