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Thread: The Flamingo Bar

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    The Flamingo Bar

    Hey Guys ,

    feel free post -up any good Nite Clubs or Bars in you're area and give a thumbs -up or recommendation if you had a great experience!!

    There's 1 i really like on the Sunshine Coast (you see i'm a Queenslander) The Flamingo Bar Cocktail Lounge was exellent for anyone looking for a superb night out : the service and hospitality was just 1st class and drinks that i've never even heard off stacked-up a mile high with fruits umbrella's and wavy straws .....LOL The Finger food was great as well with crumbed prawns , oysters , battered flathead & snapper

    The band was sensational as well , it was an 80's tribute cover band and they sounded exactly like the originals on the radio , well actually more like a CD , they were fantastic - there's also a huge dance floor and the atmosphere was just party on all nite!!

    I had a great time @ The Flamingo Bar : for any one heading to the Sunshine Coast for a holiday i highly recommend this place!!

    9/10 - A Big Thumbs Up!!
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    REMINDS ME OF THE PINK FLAMINGO bar at the Meredith Music Fesitival in Victoria every year............
    Last time I was there a few years back ,, ended up drinking pink flamingo cocktails with Ben Lee watching Tim Rodgers do his thing ...Magic......

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